Content Writing For Marketing Agencies

Whether you’ve landed a new client for SEO or you’re building a new website, or your client needs more exposure, one thing is for sure, content is at the center of each of these services. We can help with that. Writers Dash specializes in content creation for marketing agencies. Our main purpose is to help you create more for your clients without having to worry about quality.

Writers that understand digital marketing

Today, it is very difficult to find a content writing agency that doesn’t provide uninteresting and boring content that will not bring you the results you need. We do things a little differently. Our writing services are at the intersection between creative writing and Search Engine Optimization, where we pour digital marketing skills into crafting the perfect copy that sells, gets more engagement, and brings meaningful SEO results.

Create the quality content that your clients need

Authentic content that is actually valuable for your clients is extremely important. There are many “SEO experts” out there who claim they can produce high quality content for clients across multiple industries. However, this is usually not the case as they usually end up producing content that is generic and realistically sounds like a robot wrote it (which probably is what happened). Many SEO experts claim that they create unique content, but in reality all they are doing is running text through spinners in order for them to pass plagiarism checkers as duplicate content is a major no-no in search engine optimization. On the other hand, there are agencies that outsource content to cheap third parties that produce grammatically incorrect and completely unnatural text that doesn’t sound like English.

Why Choose Us?

What makes Writers Dash stand out from the rest is that our team consists of writers and editors with a digital marketing background. What this means is that our writers know how to write website content, blogs, product descriptions and any other digital content in a consistent and conversion friendly tone. In addition to that, our writers are fully trained to strategically place keywords in a natural way, so that they don’t sound forced and artificial to both search engines and users. We create content that is:

SEO friendly – Everyone can add keywords to content, but only experienced writers who understand how SEM works will craft content that will be relevant for the searches that your clients want to rank for.

Engaging – Writing for search engines is one thing, but writing engaging content that users will actually enjoy reading and find useful is completely different, right? False. Our content writing services are everything you’ll ever need to provide clients content that both search engines and users will write.

Current – Keeping up with the current times is especially significant when it comes to content. Your writers need to be agile and easily adaptable to emerging technologies and trends. Most importantly, they need to be able to communicate these ideas in a simple manner. That’s what we’re here for!

Well written – There’s plenty of content on the web that was created just for the sake of having it. If the content you produce doesn’t provide the user with answers to their questions, you won’t convert as well. We produce content that provides valuable information to the user!

Unique – If you’re looking for someone to produce unique content for your clients, we’ve got you covered. The words we write have meaning, and we don’t believe in the “one size fits all” idea. We create custom content that caters to your clients’ vision and brand.

Correct and fact checked – There is an abundance of false information on the internet these days, that it is hard to find the correct answer to a certain problem or question. We make sure all the content we produce is factually correct and true.

How it works?

To get started, simply drop us a line by filling out the form on our website. Tell us about who you are and what type of content you’re looking for. One of our account managers will shortly reach out to you and set up a customized plan tailored to your needs. You can choose between basic, standard, and premium content, depending on who your marketing agency is working with and what the purpose is. We can help you with:

Creating a content calendar for your clients – A customized plan delivered when you need it, following your own schedule.

Creating industry specific content– Our writers specialize in a wide array of industries such as

    • ✓ Medical
    • ✓ Pharmaceutical
    • ✓ Veterinary
    • ✓ Construction
    • ✓ Architecture
    • ✓ Entertainment
    • ✓ Interior design
    • ✓ Law
    • ✓ Ecommerce
    • ✓ Retail
    • ✓ Any other industry

We’re fully white labelled

The credits and all rights over the content we produce go to you. Think of us as the silent partner you were missing to take your marketing service to the next level.

Order in bulk

The more you order, the more you’ll save. We offer incredible savings for bulk orders for a fraction of the cost of an in-house writer.

Increase your capacity

If copywriting is part of your services and you need to produce more than you can handle, we’re the silent partner you’ve been looking for.

Grow your business

With our content writing services for marketing agencies, you can fully live up to your potential and continue growing.

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