Importance of landing pages

A landing page is the first thing that a visitor to a website sees. It represents the first medium of interaction and it is something that stands between a long session that can be converted to a sale or it can just go into the funnel as a percentage of bounce rate. So, to put it in other words, the landing page holds the power of the first engagement with a visitor and it is of paramount importance for it to be something that a visitor likes.  

Needless to say, a landing page must have influence over the visitor, and to do so, there must be something that catches the eye and keeps the attention locked. It must be well-designed and thought of, and it needs to contain great writing as well as impressive visuals. 

content writing copy for landing pages

landing page: clean & organized

Best design for a landing page

An effective landing page design can be explained by two words: clean and organized. By keeping the design of the page clean and organized, a page maintains an overall esthetic that provides a visitor with clear, and easily accessible, options. 

Besides great copywriting for landing pages, there must be impressive visuals that stand out. And to be able to have catchy visuals, a website’s overall design must be minimalistic and organized – this increases the chance of people spotting things that they are interested in and also, by human nature, we tend to pay more attention to visually appealing things. 

A good landing page must have smart usage of color. For example using green or red color for the buttons proves to be more effective when attracting people to click on them. Also, strong colors provide great contrast on the page therefore clear signs for the visitor where to look. 

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Less is more?

Most effective landing pages share a minimalistic approach to their design and overall esthetic. By having no distractions, same as in copywriting for landing pages, the visual aspect of the page must be concise and straightforward. This allows for the visitor to easily navigate and understand all the visual cues that are supposed to land their attention to the right places

So, by investing more time into making the landing page as simple as possible, a website increases its chances for high-quality sessions that are more likely to convert to revenue. 

How to talk to visitors

A website does its communication through visuals as well as through text. So, by having in mind that even text represents a visual type of communication before a visitor actually starts reading it, it is important to make parts of the text stand out. As this example shows, the bolded word “important” is something that caught the attention first when someone glances at the text. Use headers or any kind of visual emphasis in the text to offer value. 

To have an effective website, visitors must develop trust. And to do so, landing pages should contain trust signals. For example, a great way to develop a trust-based engagement with a user is to have trust-badges on the landing page. 

Some final thoughts

A lot of people browse the internet via their mobile devices, so it is a great idea to have a mobile-friendly website. By doing this, every website makes sure that every user who is visiting their page, no matter what device, has the best possible experience. 

Naturally, every business that uses a website to reach, communicate and sell to its visitors wants to gather as much as possible information about their users. It is quite important to avoid long contact forms – this deters people. Keep forms simple and quick, so the key is to put a great deal of thought into what information you are looking for and how to extract it. Think about what information is essential to you (name, phone number, address and so on) and include what you need in the mandatory form fields.

Website performance can be tracked with tools that offer insights to information such as demographics of the audience, sessions, bounce rates, purchases, clicks, and so on. This allows you to create a tailored landing page based on the type of visitors who are most common on your website, lowers bounce rates, and increases the percentage of “session to sale” conversion. 

To maximize the effectiveness of your landing page, use the same phrases on the page as in your ads. This creates a feeling that visitor is on the right track to finding what they need. Also, remember to test everything, compare and measure metrics as you grow.