A press release is basically a statement made by a business about products, events, or any other kind of important information to the press. Press releases are published by the media and such communication offers businesses an opportunity to reach more people.

what are press releases

Press Release – Photo credit Ida Mae Boyd from Flickr

The power of press releases comes from the media that publish them. Depending on how trustworthy the publisher is, it can provide great support to your branding strategy. By carefully choosing the media, as well as strategically creating content, press releases can have a great impact on reaching a broad audience. This is mainly because the targeted demographic of the media which is releasing the statement might differ from the usual marketing demographics of the business.

Business and press releases

Where most of the businesses nowadays have their websites and marketing teams that are working on informing their potential customer about product releases, events, or changes through various campaigns – press releases are still a powerful way to reach out to more potential buyers, or to create hype around the announcement. 

Press releases are using the established reach and audience of the online media to get your information across. Also, if the media that are publishing businesses release are prestigious, it creates a strong image for the brand.

By reaching people who would not normally seek your brand, and giving them an opportunity to see what your brand does through media that is familiar to them and which they trust, this trust can be transferred to your brand. 

“Collecting” trust 

Media that releases press statements already have built their audience, which means that people who buy their newspapers, subscriptions, or read their news online trust them. This means that there is already an established connection between the reader and the publisher. Why is this important?

Well, it allows for your business to use that trust and transfer it to your brand. How? People who are dedicated readers of a newspaper, for example, will automatically trust the newspaper if they say something positive about your product. 

Value of press releases

Press releases give the business an opportunity to get in contact with people who would not normally seek out their products, but might be interested in them. Also, by using the established trust between the media and the reader, a brand can use that connection to their benefit without having to build up a new audience themselves. 

This all suggests that press releases are a powerful tool in building up the hype for the product by using the pre-established set of connections with the media