What is UX writing?

UX or user experience writing represents a type of writing that guides users through a digital environment. This form of writing offers the user a better experience through a digital product’s interface, and it aims to simplify the process of navigating a website. The idea behind UX writing is to guide the user towards a purchase.

UX writing is highly effective when done with care and strategical targeting of the typical user that represents the demographic for the particular product. It needs to reflect everything that might keep the attention of the visitor.  This helps them decide if they are going to buy a product. 

ux design content writing

UX Page Design. Photo Credits: Luca Mascaro on Flickr

Simply, UX writing creates a complete picture of how the end product should serve its potential customers

UX writing and its approach must be an integral part of the design process for the website. Also, UX writing needs to be done early, in conjunction with developing the website, simply because it can reveal problems within the design itself. So it is important to have both processes working back to back the entire time to have the best possible efficiency. 

How to approach UX writing

When it comes to UX writing, it is important to follow certain guidelines. UX texts must be effective and keep the user engaged, but they need to be informative and concise at the same time.  

  • It is important to be concise and avoid long blocks of text. This can “scare off” the user simply because it seems time-consuming and the user might decide not to read it. 
  • It is important to make your copy consistent. What does this mean? When writing UX texts, it is important to keep one form of addressing the user in the same block of text. For example, do not use synonyms for different parts of UI – always use the same phrase through the copy. 
  • Avoid jargon. By avoiding such writing, websites ensure that their user experience is professional. And this is particularly important when trying to get your visitors to trust your product.

Importance of effective UX Writing for your business

To have great UX writing for your business’ website is like having a great sales team in retail. UX writing guides users through your product; it speaks of the value of your services to them. UX text creation represents everything that must be said about the experience and service through guidance – simply, what is written on the website, represents the product itself.

UX writing is the product itself, it is the brand behind it, and it is the face of the company. Imagine going on a website where everything is glitchy and the text is inconsistent and not giving you proper instruction about processes and the product. Would you choose to trust that brand, and would you buy their product? No. That is why a website must have great UX writing. UX is what engages and hooks the user, and it increases the chance for a user to become a buyer. 

So, to have the best possible chance to convert as many website sessions into sales, a website must have a great and precise mechanism of engaging with the customers throughout the website by constantly offering the value of the product – and that is what good UX writing does for your website.